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Service Contracts

I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of plumbing work.
- Daniel, Farmingville, NY

A Service Contract from Miracle Plumbing will give you more than basic coverage — it will give you peace of mind. Every contract comes with the excellent service from our reliable, qualified plumbers, and as usual, all of our work is guaranteed.

When you purchase a Service Contract from Miracle Plumbing & Heating, some of the benefits you will receive are:

  • Toilet Testing for Internal Leaks
  • Sink Inspections to avoid Leaky Faucets
  • Emergency Shut off Valve inspection
  • Hot & Cold Water Line Inspection – Pipe Inspection
  • Fixture Drain Inspection
  • Washing Machine
  • Hose bib examinations to avoid leaks
  • Gas Hot Water Heater Maintenance, including
    • Cleaning of Burners & Pilot Lights
    • Inspection of Flue Pipes o Checks for Proper Vent Draft
    • Emergency Cut-Off Testing
    • Inspections for Water & Gas Leaks
    • Drain Valve Inspections
  • Electric Water Heater Maintenance, including
    • Testing of elements
    • Thermostat operation inspection
    • Checks for Water Leaks
    • Inspection of Drain Valve
    • Emergency Cut-Off Test

For more information on what our service contracts include, please give us a call at 631-648-8554. A Miracle Plumbing representative will answer your call 24/7 and be happy to help you find solutions to your problems.